Thursday, July 11, 2024

Delft Blue Mini Chandeleer

Delft Blue porcelain is popular around the world, sold well in tourist shops in Holland so I guess we produce a lot of it. Still every piece that is genuine and really hand painted is of some real value. And where tourists just buy a souvenir, some Dutch people are true collectors.

So this mini object, measuring maybe eight centimeters, found a new home after someone left it in a bag with other stuff (I guess) in front of my door. Found April 2017, sold September €5.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Vintage Seychelles Ladies Boots

Brought to me by my dog walking neighbour April 2017. Took a bit of time but sold September €5. A bit low if I look at their prices now. But maybe I was just glad to be rid of them. Seychelles was founded in 1984, and this pair just looks like coming from then. Not my taste, not even then when I was in my twenties.

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Cheap Folding Chairs, INQ Dumbells

Plastic chairs like these sell under €10 new each and are not made to last. The seats crack easily and obviously I wish they weren't produced at all, but at least this set was in great shape and found a new owner within days. Possibly bought for short time use, but I can't help for that. At least someone saved almost €15.

As I remember well I found the dumbells in a large iron container with construction waste where an apartment was renovated down the street. Washed the dust off and they were good as new. 2 kilograms comparables are currently sold close to €20. I got close to €7.

Sunday, July 07, 2024

Vintage Terracotta Lamp Base

I really loved this, but too chunky for my tiny flat to keep.

Interesting hand crafted base for wiring. But it's possibly a reconstruction. It looks newer than the pot.

But then the wire at the bottom here seemed to be not so new. Shade was not for sale, I guess it was stained or broken. Used just for the sales picture on the good side. 

But I'll never know if the whole product was handicraft from flower pot to lamp base, or handy repair work. Found July 2017, sold December €5.

Saturday, July 06, 2024

Vintage Newspaper Rack

Not much recollection from this item. Found close to home for sure. Plywood, possibly Seventies. There was some wear, but only on legs. Otherwise good condition. Took a while, photographed August 2017, sold €5 January 2018.

Friday, July 05, 2024

Stock Market Board Game


A board game issued by the Amsterdam stock market. Probably a publicity thing. I think I found it together with the Risk. Kind of based on Monopoly model I guess. Never sold, I donated it to the thrift shop. If it sold there I don't know. We sell jig saw puzzles, Scrabble, checkers and chess well. But others are not hot. However other social groups ask us from time to time for board games for free. We gladly donate our overstock to them!

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

Superdry Ladies Sneakers

Again I don't remember where exactly I found these, but sales admin says 'street'. But most likely from a suitcase full of new and almost new clothing all exactly my size just in front of the door, August 2017. Five pairs of jeans which I all kept and more. But that by now are mainly all worn out.

And even the shoes were my size, well, in length but probably too tight on the side. My problem with most fashion shoes. And with the floral design a bit to sweet to my liking.

The other fun is at the time I had no clue about fashion brands of now and I didn't care. Ok I still don't care but I know more. As since I've done inventories for Superdry stores many times. I sold the pair €4 October 2017, with what I know now I might have asked more.

Delft Blue Mini Chandeleer

Delft Blue porcelain is popular around the world, sold well in tourist shops in Holland so I guess we produce a lot of it. Still every piece...