Wednesday, June 19, 2024

IKEA Calypso Lamp

My job is part time, between 4-6 hours a day, which is all I can handle, but it is on a different location every day. For the past five years it involved a lot of traveling time, up to 2,5 hours. On top hours are late afternoon and evening. I didn't mind, but to get rid of government aid I had to upgrade to five days. That's where all side activities came to a hold. Except for the thrift shop. Meaning actually working six days part time. Things have changed for the moment and I get planned in more locally. It helped pushing myself to bring the laptop computer with me to the Mans apartment every night I'm off. And blog again. For now I rely ond old finds and photo's. Enough to show. New things will come one day.

Found May 2018. Sold €10 July that year.

But funny found just now, looking for the new price and if still available: there was a return call in September 2018 due to hazard. Of course I don't know if my product was from before after August 2016. Hope my buyers had no issues. Or used the action to get a new procuct, as a receipt wasn't needed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dick Bruna Miffy Baby Walker

This baby walker showed some wear, as the paper front light stickers were totally off. 

Also on the side, decorative stickers of Miffy and bear damaged and discoloured.

But what little baby cares? Otherwise the product was intact. The puppets were still properly moving up and down as you push the cart and that's the whole fun about it. Found not far from house I think. Photo June 2 2018, sold June 20, €4.

Did you know Miffy, in Dutch 'Nijntje' was invented and designed by the Dutch illustrator and writer Dick Bruna? I grew up with his lovely books and lots af children these days still do. Though Miffy was born 1955, eight years before me, my mom bought me other booklets by Bruna. The one I remember most, and could recite by heart was The Egg. I think I loved it because of the black cat, who was right and in the end of the story walks off with it's tail up in the air.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Three baskets

In 2019 my second part time job, inventory counting became my main occupation, but it didn't bring back the balance between work and free time that I had hoped for. Though I was happy to lose my contract with the Dutch mail. This was on a set date agreed on when I signed up. Although at first, finally coming back into employment, I felt welcomed there by friendly new colleagues of all kinds and I had really good times, I hated the early hours and with progressing automation towards the end, the job had become too simple and boring.

Will come back later to tell more how now the balance after all ís back. Here are some more curb finds from the past. June 2018.


I found the two smaller ones together, the larger one another time. All nearby my home, but I forgot where. Obviously they are the same make, making a perfect trio. But somehow I never tried to sell them as I found the photo's still unadjusted on my pc.

I wonder what mass store they come from, possibly Leen Bakker nearby. Last year I donated them to the thrift shop where I volunteer one day a week. Didn't see them standing around for long.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Cute Little Chandelier

In my memory we stopped doing big trash tours before 2018, but this lamp sure came from the adjoining neighbourhood. So maybe from a small tour on my own or picked up passing by on my bike.

It's fairly small, diameter around 30 cm, plastic beads, looks inexpensive, kind of North African style but intact. And just cute. Photo 2018/06/10. Sold 06/20 €10.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Vintage Telephone

 Who remembers this device?

Indeed, a phone. The exact model my parents got in 1967 or 1968, model SSB 51553. I remember being at home alone with my mother pre-school age when the technician came to install it. Found in front of my door 2018. Sold quickly on line €10.

But the fun is years before, 2010/2012? I don't remember... Found one also in the street even older, the 1950's or older model my grandmother had and she always had a phone when we didn't have one yet. Unfortunately no photo's of that one but I do remember selling it at a market, probably €5. Must look up paper admin maybe I can find something about.

Edit 12/06: I looked that up today and found sold September 2012. Similar to the one on the photo but it had a rigid cord, not the curly one. I found listings for vintage bakelite phones on Etsy for unbelievable amounts. Also locally I found one of my model for much more. Maybe they are getting more scarce now.

Very Big Baskets

We arrived July 2018.

Wicker baskets both plus minus 80 cm in width. Found in bulk trash in front of my door at the same time or shortly after each other. Photographed to sell but never bothered to list. I was too consumed in working two part time jobs although together just up to 25 hours a week. It was such a change after three years of unemployment. And I had government aid to add to my income. I left them to go slowly to decay in the yard. Feeling a bit guilty about that, because both in good condition except for minor wear at the bottom.

But they served as cat sleeping ot sunbathing places untill last year. For my own darlings but especially this half wandering boy from most likely an industrial estate nearby. As he was not "fixed" and hanging out in my yard a lot I took care of that with the help of a stray cat organisation. He turned out to be be chipped but not registrated, but yet most likely owned, so we placed him back. Later on he disappeared. Things are changing at the estate. It’s going to be converted into a living area and companies are moving out. I hope they took him home or to the new venue and he’s happy.

Saturday, June 08, 2024

Curver Landry Basket

We arrived at this item photographed August 1, 2018. Don't know when it sold, I didn't even bother to administrate it. But I'm sure it was picked up at the door by someone fairly soon after.

Curver is a renowned brand that some people prefer to buy second hand than something new from Action or so for not much more.

Thursday, June 06, 2024

Vintage Market Crate

 Still going back in time, August 2018.

Also from in front of the door.

Including worm holes. Never sold. Sat in my house for years holding stuff. Due to my work in retail now learned that copies sell cheaply in garden centers. Lifted it up a while ago and found funny dust underneath. Worms still active for all that time! It had to go. Back in bulk trash. Gone within hours. Hope someone is happy.

IKEA Calypso Lamp

My job is part time, between 4-6 hours a day, which is all I can handle, but it is on a different location every day. For the past five year...