Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Chairs

Well, I was downsizing wasn’t I?

Then not long after selling my old kitchen chairs…

I dragged home these cuties. I just can’t leave a good chair when I find one!

Luckily I could lend them to a friend who has a little shop where she uses them to serve tea to customers while they are on display for sale at the same time. For Dutch readers who may be interested find details here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Hallway

My hallway is a pretty useless space as it measures only one by two meters. Too narrow to even hang up a coat rack as you would rub against the coats all the time while passing.

So it took ages before I did anything about it. This photo that I took when I wrote about my transportation helper is from 2007, two years after the renovation of my flat. 

Then finally in 2010 I found a brand new leftover piece of carpet to replace the old soiled one. So I started looking for paint and found I still had this yellow. I never used it because it’s too strong a colour for my lounge and kitchen, but now decided it was perfect to brighten up my dull entrance. And even though trashed years before and stored outside in my yard it was still in great condition.

Then recently, the just narrow enough chest of drawers, now storing my shoes, was waiting for me late at night at the dump across the street. And done! Only still a bit barren, but the room is too dark for plants and anything placed on top of the chest might be knocked off as well. Usually just piles of junk mail end up on top of it.

So now to finish up this post I thought let's see what we can do and dug up these old finds and voila. The old vase can break and the plastic flowers won’t  wither. Some day the chest may get a paint job to cover the white stains.

Monday, December 16, 2013

My Fancy Hat Design

I love large bows. I love knitting them. I love crocheting flat top hats. Combined this design is the result.

To make this model I used the black and the grey yarn from this old 80-ies sweater I showed a long time ago in this post.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Unravelling

This ugly children’s dress came from left for trash goods at this year’s Queens Day flea market. Now which mother dresses her little girl in grey? No wonder it didn’t sell.

So it ended up in a pile of these. Knit in a double strand they worked up quickly and I love the bulky cables. Now hopefully the colour will appeal to my adult public.

To be ordered on line here.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Kitchen Chairs

More furniture I once picked up for myself, but finally sold to make space in my tiny apartment. I used them at my computer desk and my sewing table, but then found something more comfortable for the first and a simple stool for the second that can be shoved under the table leaving more space in that little room.

I still liked those chairs so moved them to my kitchen, but they were hardly ever used and only took place. So out they went to a happy young girl.

Now for the once in a while I sit at my kitchen table I keep this cute vintage tripod, also to be easily shoved underneath when I need it out of the way!

One of these days, when my downsizing project is complete I may show some overall indoor pictures of my room and kitchen - with that pretty table - but we’re not there yet…

Monday, August 05, 2013

The Mirror

I always appreciate it when people tell me a bit about the purpose of their buy. This mirror went to a young lady who had just opened a hair salon in vintage style. She came all the way from Tilburg to pick it up in Amsterdam!

It made me happy to hear that because I picked the mirror up for myself 15 years ago and only due to my current downsizing project it had to go. As you can see I had to take it outside to make the photo because I had no room indoors. Now it’s being used again instead of gathering dust in a corner of my house.

Saturday, June 01, 2013


Having drawers full of curb found stainless flatware this lot was to be sold immediately. I had a ¾ complete set of vintage Gero Zilmeta including 3 serving spoons; 6 vintage decorated desert spoons; 6 IKEA desert spoons and 6 IKEA teaspoons.

Listed separately the pretty desert spoons went within a week. The rest combined as a set wasn’t a success. Then the IKEA desert spoons went at our first flea market of the year. 

So I changed my listing for the rest to the Gero Zilmeta only with a nicer photo not showing each single piece and to my surprise that sold a week later.

The fun is the whole lot came in the suitcase of the new set the previous owners had apparently bought. Which now serves me as a carrier and display for my craft.