Friday, July 19, 2024

Panasonic VHS Camera

This vintage piece that at the that time nobody used anymore was picked up in the trash by my dog walking friend and neighbour Freek. I photographed it soon after one day in February 2017 sold it the next day as a prop €10. It was for the carnival procession in the south of The Netherlands of that year.

With the revival of vinyl and cassette tapes I wonder if video comes along with that.

Purple Knitted Pouffe With Cat Appreciation Photo

Found and sold 2017. I thought these were kind of out of fashion by now, but Googling I still find them for sale up to €80 or more. Sold mine €6, because of some discolouring at the bottom. Not visible unless turned upside down.

I had to ship it, the customer was not unhappy about the quality or so, but for whatever reason emailed me that at least for the moment the pouffe ended up in her yard. And her cat loved it!

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Kruidvat Stick Horse

After sharing the home made sock horse on a stick I don't know how long I kept it, but it was unsellable, starting to fall apart and of no use for me anymore. So some day I guess it went back to trash ot maybe giveaway shop. Not sure anymore.

I took this factory made toy home maybe 2018 or before to sell on the markets, but in 2019 my friend had a hernia, then covid came and we never went back to doing them again.

I know it was from the Kruidvat drugstore chain because once during a stocktake there I saw one. But the ad tells me it was a special one time offer from late 2013! Can't believe how long some shops keep old stock sometimes. And the battery was even down. Mine was still working. Making a gallopping and neighing sound when you squeeze the ear.

Took it to the thrift shop last week and saw a young dad walking out with it today. I was sitting outside for a break and asked was he aware of the sound. Reply: yes, even a bit worried about that. Because it could be annoying if the kid keeps on repeating. But even with the electronic extra I think this is a nice old-fashioned toy.

Profit for our good causes €2.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Tent Base Camp Faro 3

Years ago I dragged a tent in a bag very close to this one inside from across the street. But it came without the product specification in the side pocket. Just a print on the bag that said 'Base Camp Faro 3'. I had no clue what exactly was inside. Opening it up I guessed it was a dome model, but without any knowledge about how they are set up I could not decide if everything was complete. And not enough space in my yard to try it out, I dumped it in a closet for later to see. And forgot.

Yesterday I found a message on a Facebook group from a neighbour asking for a tent for someone in need. Suddenly I remembered and offered the lady the tent for free, but before letting her to come pick it up did some further research. I found at least an inside and outside cover and a set of connected tent poles. But it looked like just forming the one bow. Faro 3 gave no results (it must have been really old) except three person tents from other brands. They all have two or more bows of poles.

Then looking for specifically two person tents I found this model, that seems to be constructed on just the one bow. So I let the lady come over and hope I'm saving someone from the fire.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Vintage Iron Side Table Reconstructed

I think I doubted about taking this in. Because the top is most likely not original, looked like a Seventies makeover and besides damaged. And there is this weird emblem shaped sort of empty space in the middle. I loved the iron base though and thought someone might want to give it a third chance. So I gave it a try and it left my house in the end though is was after a complete year, February 2018 €5.

Perspex Flyer Dispaly

It's funny, I photographed the display April 2017 with thrift shop flyers of the time from before we even had a Facebook page and now outdated, to sell for myself but it never went. 

Recently I donated it to the shop, where it now serves at check out counter to display more up-to-date material.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Delft Blue Mini Chandeleer

Delft Blue porcelain is popular around the world, sold well in tourist shops in Holland so I guess we produce a lot of it. Still every piece that is genuine and really hand painted is of some real value. And where tourists just buy a souvenir, some Dutch people are true collectors.

So this mini object, measuring maybe eight centimeters, found a new home after someone left it in a bag with other stuff (I guess) in front of my door. Found April 2017, sold September €5.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Vintage Seychelles Ladies Boots

Brought to me by my dog walking neighbour April 2017. Took a bit of time but sold September €5. A bit low if I look at their prices now. But maybe I was just glad to be rid of them. Seychelles was founded in 1984, and this pair just looks like coming from then. Not my taste, not even then when I was in my twenties.

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Cheap Folding Chairs, INQ Dumbells

Plastic chairs like these sell under €10 new each and are not made to last. The seats crack easily and obviously I wish they weren't produced at all, but at least this set was in great shape and found a new owner within days. Possibly bought for short time use, but I can't help for that. At least someone saved almost €15.

As I remember well I found the dumbells in a large iron container with construction waste where an apartment was renovated down the street. Washed the dust off and they were good as new. 2 kilograms comparables are currently sold close to €20. I got close to €7.

Panasonic VHS Camera

This vintage piece that at the that time nobody used anymore was picked up in the trash by my dog walking friend and neighbour Freek. I phot...