Thursday, May 03, 2007

Just a Sum-up

Here's a random selection of great finds I did over the years:

Many, many books, good books not pulp
Picture frames (sometimes with interesting pictures in it)
Stereo equipment
Pots, pans, cups, cutlery, plates, bowls etc.
Electric kitchen equipment
A vacuum cleaner in mint condition
An practically unused electric shaver (still in it's original casette)
Numerous fashionable and undamaged clothing items and shoes
Teddy bears and stuffed puppets
Fashion dolls
Slat blinds (not even unpacked an with the shop price still on it)
Garden tools
Garden furniture
Chairs, tables, cupboards etc.
A printer (old fashioned and slow, but perfect for prints I don't want to waste my expensive bubble jet ink on)
Lamps and lamp shades
Paint, wood and other crafting materials
Plants (see below for photo's)
A Samsonite trolley suitcase
Various mirrors

In short, almost everything you need in and around the house. Why would I spend money in shops?

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