Sunday, June 03, 2007

Crafting Materials

Picks of a few days ago. On the left a knitted vest in an interesting thick, very stretchy synthetic yarn. There's a hole in the sleeve, so it's only destination is to be unravelled. Can't wait for the ideas that will come up in my head when I start that (otherwise) tedious job. Besides the devidable zipper is in very good condition and I'm sure it will end up in some project sooner or later. And I love that color.
On the right laid out the pile of linoleum samples I found. Most of them are hard 'marmoleum', but the two (fully shown) on the top left are the softer and thicker 'cork linoleum', which is the very exact stuff that you need to make linoleum cuts. It may seem not to be a lot to work on, but it's been since my kid's years I've last made lino-cuts, so it's good to have some free stuff to experiment on. If I get the hang of it, I can alway decide to purchase more. No idea yet what I could use the other samples for, but something will come up.
Not pictured, but also found the same night: a big pile of glossies, from fashion and art/design to lifestyle and home decorating (all no older than 2006). Good to enjoy myself a couple of evenings and then to throw in the waste paper container (not back in the trash!!!!!) or, if I find good pictures, to use for decorating home made gift or jewelry boxes. Just stick the cut out paper on an empty matchbox or fold your own from food packaging. Anyone can do that, loved it ever since I was a kid.

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