Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Footstool

What is this weird hairy fluffy pink thing? A cat sofa? They tried, but decided it wasn't a keeper. A prayer bench? The color seems a bit too wild for that.

My beloved BF had promised to make me a footstool from scrap wood, but he was procrastinating as so often when he has to make something for ME. Then on one Sunday evening excursion he disappeared behind a building container where I saw only dirty and broken stuff, and returned with this hilarious piece. It's bordeaux red laquered legs make me think of a Chinese origin, but whatever, I'm happy to use it as a footstool and maybe that's just what it is.

I'd never buy a thing like this, but that's what makes curbside shopping so exciting and it matches perfectly with the reds, purples and pinks in my office/bedroom (yep, the misery of a tiny 2-room flat).


Lizzie said...

I know what it is! It's a tiny sofa for when the Good Fairy comes to know, the one who gives you 3 wishes. Can't hurt to be prepared you know. LOL!!

Le-Chat said...

I must be one lucky girl then, hihi.

Thrift Shop Romantic said...

It's so funny and cute-- It's a bit like you found a Tribble from that famous episode of Star Trek. :-)