Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Simple Rack

Knowing about our 'evening strolls', friends often ask us to look out for certain items for them. Usually it doesn't take long before we find exactly what they'd asked for. My good friend Ed, who can't walk well enough to shop for heavier or larger items himself, recently asked me if I would think of him if I saw anything he could use as a display for his collection of music instruments. I suspect he was inspired by seeing my rack-like cupboard on my blog, because I had given him the site address only shortly before. The coincidence had it that the day before I ran into Ed, my BF and I picked up a simple wooden rack that seemed to be perfectly fit for this purpose. Only he liked it for himself and had taken it to his flat already. Nevertheless I promised Ed I would ask, but otherwise I expected we'd soon find something like it again.

As he wasn't using his rack yet and willing to help out my BF decided to part with it. So I e-mailed Ed a couple of days later to tell the good news, but what do you know? Before we had even had a chance to set a date to bring the rack over to his place, we did find another one. Exactly one week after the first one and almost the same model, same size, a bit less fancy but therefore even more stable.

Last Sunday we went round to Ed's place to deliver the latest addition to his home, but unfortunately he wasn't home yet. Thinking he might have missed a bus or tram we found the downstairs neighbour ready to open the door to the staircase, so at least we could place it inside by his flat door. It's just too bad we missed his face as he found a surprise when he came home, as it turned out, just ten minutes later.
I hope to get a pic of the rack in Ed's flat soon.
Just to show the difference (sorry for the crappy photo) here's our rack.

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