Sunday, September 09, 2007


It's been ages since Jenn T shared her Rockin' Girls Award with me. And I've been procrastinating for so long to share it in my turn, that I received another before I got to it: The Nice Matters Award by Sher. So it was about time to start thinking.

All blogs I've chosen are somehow 'green', but they all share an aspect of uniqueness. This can be overall quality, a point of view, a theme, an experience or just one idea that I haven't seen in other blogs so far and that's why I keep reading them.

My Rockin' Girls nominations (in random order) are for:
Debbie for 2Times Upon A Time
. She lived out the ultimate t-2-t dream: completely furnishing and decorating her new home from scratch with second hands and gifts. And what a 'Cozy Cottage' she created indeed!
Krista shows (among other things) reconstructed clothing at Random Blogger
. It's something I've done since my teens and a great way to renew your wardrobe for next to nothing. Though I found a webshop that sells redesigned jeanswear, Krista's the first I've found so far who shares her ideas for free on a blog.
Dora Renee' Wilkerson came up with an age old, but great idea on Y-2K Hippie
. Making your own casein plastic, as she calls it, instead of using polymer clay. Although it doesn't fit the category recycling, I feel this eco-friendly idea deserves attention.
Barbara Mathieson at The Earth Is Not A Trash Can
is so offended by careless people littering the environment that she takes photo's of it and shows them on her blog. Of course it's a well known problem, but it's good to have someone rubbing it in once more.
Malin from Sweden records her experiment in growing vegetables indoors in a flat on Indoor Gardener
. Apart from that, I like to read her accounts of other green things going on in Sweden because my brother lives there (Göteborg).

The Nice Matters I want to share with three more blogs that also 'rock' for me, but unfortunately aren't written by only girls. But I find these 'nicely' different:
Wind-It-Up, recycling tips from a young Australian computer geek.
Green Is The New Black, very short no-nonsense posts, great simple green tips. Readability 10+.
Arnold The Methodical, a Brit living 'green' in France, or in his own words: A light hearted look at downshifting and self sufficiency and perhaps lifestyle changes. I love his light entertaining style.

About the numbers: Browsing around I've found people sharing their awards with different numbers of people (from only two up to seven). So I didn't feel necessarily obliged to stick to the respective five and seven of Jenn and Sher, although by chance I did find five 'Rockin' Girls'. Of course there are so many more to choose from, but after eight I was tired of the decision-making. To make it easier for them to make their own decision about this or to whom to pass them on, I've added the links of the initiators of the awards (first paragraph).


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Thank-you so much. That was really nice of you.
Hey, if you like the milk plastic stuff I have some others you may like to.
I took old hay twine that I cut off my hay when I feed my horses and save it up. Then I loom knitted the coolest rug out of it.
You can see a few pictures here

Here is where I took some more twine and made curry bushes out of them for livestock (check out the video and you'll see how they work.)

I also have some cool easy ways to make cottage cheese, soap, and other things all hiden on my blog (a little here and some

Oh, I also have how to make pom pom's without buying those pom pom makers too.

Anyway, thanks a ton for voting for me. Should I now vote for other blogs?


Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Le-Chat said...

Hey Dora,
I read some of the other ideas in your blog (problem is it loads awfully slow om my old home computer-I must take a look at work). Though the plastic idea stands out for me, your general attitude towards crafting with stuff you have at hand-not going to a shop and purchase stuff, really won you the nomination. You think like me, girl! Pass it on if you like, but don't feel obliged.

You can click on the link in the first line of my post if you want to read more about the award.

I'll sure show you the milk beads if I ever get to it. Now I first have to finish painting my house and reorganise the tons of things I found on the curb.


Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Thanks again. A lot of people where having troubles opening up my site. I am not sure what was going on. I took a bunch of stuff off and I am downsizes pictures now to see if that helps any.
I love finding others that make something from the things around them. I really enjoyed your blog as well.
Well I better get off here. I have a cast to take off a goat (long story there but its time for it to come off.)

Thanks again,

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Debbie said...

Thank you so much for the Nice Matters award! This is the first blog award I've won and I am sooo excited!

I have to say that I got the biggest laugh out of your pet carrier find.....LOLOLOL....but I would've done exactly what you did and I know the kitties are happy to have it (poo-free) as a new home!

My good deeds today have been to rescue a poor little field mouse that my kittie brought to the front door as a "gift".....he was shamed appropriately by me and now knows to add mice to his list of "I can't do that" things; and I also rescued a poor little quail that was hobbling down the side of the road when I took my morning walk....put him on a tree branch in hopes that he will recover and at least not be eaten by some ground predator!

I'm adding you to my blog links right your blog!

Debbie said...

Oops..that was the Rockin'GirlBlogger award you gave me....but it! I'll post about your site and winning the award this evening on my blog. :)

Krista said...

Thank you so much for being a reader. I adore the fact that you give out the award. I have to say I am sorry for not responding sooner but I am still figuring out this blog stuff and did not know where to go to read my comments on my website to have them approved, but you were right about the depression too :)
Thank you so much for the award, thank you so much for bringing my attention to your awesome site too!! Good reading!!
And thank you for the well wishes!

Le-Chat said...

Hey Krista,
Good to see you are back! Keep on posting those reconstruction ideas. I really enjoy reading them.