Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Bag Of Potting Soil

I really wonder what the story is here. Someone decides to repot some indoor plants and buys a bag of 20 liters of potting soil. They end up using not even a tenth of that amount. Place the bag in a (balcony) closet, the attic or something for the next time they need it. But somehow they got rid of all their indoor plants or only bought complete new ones and threw out the old ones every so often? After a couple of years the soil in the bag got completely dried out, they consider it useless and throw it in the trash? I just can't believe they have a garden and not found use for the stuff.

I also don't believe they put it out with the idea of 'someone will pick it up' as most people do when the put out furniture (including myself). They just really trashed this. What a waste. Waste of money for them, waste of resources for the Earth and everybody. Lucky thing I came by and spotted it.

Not that I really need potting soil, since I make my own compost with only fallen leaves from my garden, but the stuff comes in handy filling up those holes on the side when I repot plants to bigger pots. Especially because it's so dried up, it falls in like sand!

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