Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tulip Oscar

As I was sorting out my bulbs (see previous post) - unfortunately quite a lot were bad, so I was left with about half the amount, but still a lot - I found a piece of paper in the bucket that read: 500 bulbs, tulip Oscar. So now knowing what they are I dicided not to plant them in my lawn (Sher) as I will have to dig them up again, but I did put some alongside.
Then I quickly Googled tulip Oscar to find this gorgious deep bright red flower! Maybe a bit traditional, but I love it. I also found some information and it turns out to be one of the strongest tulips around, it takes bad weather and thrives in both sun and shade. Just perfect for an Amsterdam garden. Now hopefully the strength of this variety also means these old bulbs will still push up and flower. We'll see!


Sher said...

When I first saw the heading of "Tulip Oscar", I first thought that you were getting some kind of award! ;) They will definitely make a pretty accent outside your yard! LOL!

Le-Chat said...

Isn't that just a totally classic red? I'm sure that's why they chose the name.
I still wonder how city dwellers ended up with the leftovers of a 1000 (there were actually two strips of paper saying 500!) bulbs :D

Teddy and Pencil said...

Just dropped by to say "hi" :)

Wish we could find something like that on our daly walk!!

Joyce G. Emor said...

I love flowers...hope to see more of fantastic photos of them....nice one!