Saturday, February 07, 2009

65 Lampwork Beads

Though it's not as bad in Holland as the in rest of Europe we're still having the coldest winter in thirteen years or so. Meaning late night trash excursions are not always the most pleasant and there's less to be found as well. Packed up in warm coats and scarves we make a bit shorter walks and leave the few big things for they guys with the vans. It's certainly not the time for big hauls, but I still come home with a little something most of the times.

Last December with a temperature below zero and a biting wind, when we intended only to go for dumping our waste glass and paper a man just put an old chandelier on the same corner. It's not the first time we found a chandelier and I still have a lot of the plastic beads from one my BF brought home years ago.

The simple flat beads were the perfect addition when I wanted to upgrade these Eighties heart earrings. And they went too at the market in December.

So I was happy to find some more but still with my gloves on I pulled off only a handful of the bead chains and then we went quickly home. Only there I found my new beads were not plastic but glass and wished I had taken more. Next time I'll take the whole lamp after all. Still after washing the dirt off I counted 65 shiny beads!


Sher said...

Can't you just kick yourself when something like that happens?!! You still came home with a real find!

That Girl Ang said...

So beautiful... I am grateful for your groovy find!

Avogana said...

You are AWESOME! I've marked your blog down as one I want to write about on Art of Recycling. When I get more time I'll find something nice, copy your pic to my blog and link back to yours and to your etsy if it's there too. If there's something specific you want me to write about let me know.

Mick said...

Status Quo

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh what a find, many uses too. We need your snow here, to put out our fires. Stay warm.