Sunday, February 22, 2009

Old Boots

About ten years ago I found a pair of boots - the ankle height type of the model you see at the bottom of this post - you know the kind, they're pretty common but the greatest to wear under jeans. They were used but good enough to last me another five years. By then the leather soles were really through and I had to part with them.
But not until I cut off the leather straps to keep those nice large metal rings. They then disappeared in a drawer waiting for a project to be used for. I've been close to do the obvious and use them in a bag, but something told me they should end up in some sort of jewelry though I didn't know how or what.

The answer came last week when I was looking for new metal parts to use in my rag bracelets. I ran out of the coat closures and wanted something more sturdy anyway to create a bracelet that would suit guys as well. I think this turned out quite groovy! If you want to view the Etsy listing click here. I'm now working on a model without a button that is adjustable and looks even more masculin.

In the meantime I threw out my other boots as well. I bought these in 1991! I must admit I didn't wear them while I had my curb found pair because they were more comfortable. But I turned back to my bought boots until the soles (rubber) broke in two parts. Even though they still look pretty neat they were beyond repair. And of course I also kept the rings. These are a bit smaller and will be great for a more unisex type of wrist band, but who knows what they will end up in.

3 comments: said...

I love the idea of resuing! Fabulous!
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That Girl Ang said...

Astrid - that bracelet is great!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Clever, clever, Kobus!