Monday, May 04, 2009

Queen's Day Finds

Despite Thursday's tragedy street partying went on as usual almost everywhere. Even with modern communication it takes a while before such information reaches all corners and I guess by then half of the country was already too drunk too be stopped or to be in shock. I suppose the real blow came for many when during the next day(s) the number of deaths (seven including the driver) was announced plus the fact that this was officially now confirmed as an attempted attack on the royal family.

As said in my last comment (previous post) I'm not a royalist at all, but it killed my festive mood and especially my pride over that story I wrote for the Etsy blog. So I just had to go over there and announce the premature end of our beautiful celebration.

But when I arrived in the park to see the boys I found they knew not much yet and I heard the usual noises coming from town as if nothing had happened. So from there later on the BF and I went for our tour for market leftovers as every other year. This time I mainly looked for books because since last August I have a venue at to sell them on line. Collection was quick and easy. First corner we found the leftovers of a book seller and I loaded up my cart with about 50 copies. About half of them turned out to be good for the shop, the rest will go to the 'exchange box'.
Further on we found some clothes from which one was a good sweater for unraveling. Nice blend of material too: 60/40 cotton/acrylic. Plus a nice reusable zipper. Then I decided that was enough and we went home to suck in the news reports.

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Doris Sturm said...

Wow, you must have a lot of patience because I imagine that it can't be easy unravelling an item that has been worn and washed numerous times ... I mean, doesn't the yarn sort of fuse together a little?

No matter, I'm glad that there is people like you with a stong determination and know-how to do such great recycling work.

Thank you!