Tuesday, August 11, 2009


All zippers I use in my craft projects come from thrown out clothing and bags. I must have said that before. This doesn't mean they have to look old or used.

Here's another bag I just recently found. The handles were broken off in two places before the woven material of the bag even had the chance to become a little bit smudgy.

Love those pullers. On the back side of them 'CHANEL' is imprinted in full. The inside pocket has a finer zipper in beige with a smaller puller in the same style. They will all end up in crocheted bags or pouches.

First I wondered why such a great brand would produce such a poor quality bag (even though it's all manmade material), but at closer look the cuts look too sharp to have come about from wear and tear. I think one mommy's little boy or girl has been playing with a pair of scissors. Hope she came over the shock.


RecycleCindy said...

Love the zipper and pull. What a great item to recycle into another bag. Isn't recycling wonderful?

Doris Sturm said...

I don't have much luck with zippers, but I love hearing about people recycling and reusing. I do it with a lot of other things and always enjoy reading about what others do in terms of recycling/repurposing.

Thanks for sharing :-)

Down Comforter said...

How great that you are able to find a way to give these items a new life!

Le-Chat said...

What about your own old clothing, Doris? I've even torn them from my worn out jeanses in the past.
Cindy, Down Comforter, thanks for comments as usual!

stitch said...

Yay, I'm not the only person that recycles zippers.

Le-Chat said...

Thanks, stitch. Love the beaded bracelets in your shop!

Cutting zippers from old garments and bags allows you to have a stock at hand of all sorts and colours without cost and you can cut them at any length you need without worrying to mess one up. On top I've never seen such great pullers in any craft shop!