Friday, October 22, 2010

My New Coffee Table

I found this small round table a few weeks ago in front of my own door. Just perfect to use as a new coffee table, since so far I had to make do with a very tiny end table (equally curb found).

Though it’s not in perfect condition a paint job will make it look good enough for me. There are paint stains on it which I’ve hidden under my coasters for the picture. If you like those there’s still a set for sale in my shop.

I love the bottom board. Great for putting mess out of the way.

Here are the repairs done by a previous owner. Don’t you just love that?


Unknown said...

Hi! I saw that you visited Reduce Footprints and it was so nice to "see" you! I haven't been visiting blogs lately and have missed your blog. This table is gorgeous! What a fabulous find!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Le-Chat said...

Hi SF, how wonderful to hear from you! Í have an extremely busy summer behind me, both at work and privatelty and on top decided to spend more time outdoors than behind the pc and so barely managed to keep up my own blog and totally neglected visting other's. But I'm about to be back, will start follow the CTWW soon again. Thanks so much for stopping by!

IT Recycling said...

The new coffee table does have the unique distinction of seeming like an antique.

* said...

I do like this table.

Anonymous said...

what a nice find, I think it would be beautiful sanded, stained & refinished to show the luscius wood grain (rather than being painted over)

I like your blog very much, I have the same "hobby"


Bill said...

Good find, a little restoration and it will look amazing.

Admin said...

What a great find! Love it