Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Old Wicker Basket Had To Go

Adding a table to my kitchen meant less floor space for laundry baskets so one had to go. Though the loveliest, the wicker one was also clumsiest and the only one that could possibly sell. I put it up at a set price but without success. When the ad expired I forgot about it and left the basket gathering dust under my bed holding some mess out of the way.

Over a year later I was about to offer it in a Facebook free pick up group, then decided to try one last time. Ready to accept any price I left it at free bidding. And what do you know, a week later a lady offered the exact amount I had asked earlier!

When she picked it up she told me she was going to give it a padded lining. Still a bit sad of having to sell it, knowing my basket went to a crafty person made it allright.

1 comment:

must love junk said...

OH, I love that basket! It was just waiting for the right person :)