Thursday, August 20, 2015

Another Lamp Foot And my First BIG Sale

Well, I sent the photo’s of my cute wooden lamp foot to Catawiki (a European antiques and art auction site) but they didn’t think much of it so I just listed it on my local site and hope to get at least the little amount they said.

Now I’m not sad because first I tried my Seventies floor lamp stick. I had this for ten years or so and used it as a coat rack. Then I found a real coat rack and used the old thing as a market rack. There a man pointed out to me I could get some money for it, even without the shade and any wiring.

But I had no clue and almost sold it for way too little. But then someone emailed me over the reserved ad, not being able to see what the deal was he offered me 75 Euros. I was in total shock and had to look three times. Thankfully I had the others phone number and was able to cancel.

So lesson learned: never close a deal too quickly if you don’t know what you can get. Fun is though that the second guy was so eager to win the bid he even paid an advance by bank transfer. Makes me wonder if I could have gotten more out of it after all? Never mind, with this added to a couple of more sales for the usual amounts not worth mentioning, but more than expected really, I think I’m doing pretty well for the slow summer period.

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