Monday, August 24, 2015

The Mystery Item

I got what I wanted plus a little bit for my lamp foot, so I’m a happy girl.

On to looking back to next item sold in the past that is worth showing.

This is one of the picks from a time when I was furnishing the renovated flat and everything was still for me. The Sixties style and shape immediately spoke to me and I had make over plans but first I had to know what it was!

I had to post it in a T2T chat board to find the answer. One of the older ladies there remembered seeing something like it in beauty salons in the Sixties. So a manicure table it is. Did you guess?

Well the make over plans never realized, the chrome started to show rust stains and in the end I got tired of the thing and sold it. If I remember well it was the same person who picked up the plant pots. He looked at the table when he was here for them and came back later to get it for his wife or girlfriend.

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