Saturday, February 27, 2016

Fashion Makes Things Move

Yesterday’s surprise sale:

Listed in the morning, by 4 pm ordered and paid for. It’s one of the last items of my current fashion clothing stock that I started listing like mad late January.

After the surprising sale of the summer dress in August I was very pleased to find a suitcase full of the coolest stuff across the street in October 2015, and more in bags later on, but I wasn’t looking forward to dressing up the doll and started on the easy things.

I had a few non-serious reactions on the hat, but after a couple of weeks an enthusiastic youngster showed up.

I gave the buyers really great deals on these scarves, but they all flew out within days.

A coat beyond repair went to recycling, but not before cutting the buttons off. Listed on Etsy and sold early February.

This whole batch made a total of only EUR 15, but that doesn’t matter. After a great start of the year, in the third week everything came to a sudden halt. Just nothing, total silence. I know to keep listing is the credo and it was time to dive into those bags. Fashion is good stock to have and work on in slow times and since that lull I sold over 10 clothing items which I will show later.

And then I wasn’t talking about the shoes yet!

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