Monday, February 22, 2016

Short Post

I’m so busy listing and selling now I haven’t the time anymore for long theme based posts. I think I will go back to doing shorter posts just showing latest finds or sales and a few older ones.

Yesterday this old picture frame went out. At least I listed it just for the frame as the art work was in very bad condition. Didn’t get much but it wasn’t worth more. Brought in by my co-picker.

From a bag full of smaller items he brought me in August these door handles went first. They are very expensive even wholesale, but they didn’t make me a fortune. The guy claimed his bid was according to second hand prices and I wanted the sale so I accepted.

Then a little later I listed this too, from the same bag. I don’t know how you call it in English but you can see it’s the thing that turns the lock on a bathroom door.  They are cheap even retail, but I knew it would go. What did surprise me was the young couple came from out of town for it, but they combined the pick-up with an afternoon out.

Another frame my co-picker delivered to my door was quickly sold in December, to a lady who took three items at once. Later about that. Given the white paint stains I got a decent amount for it.

In all a total of easily earned EUR 40.

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