Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Trash On Etsy: Leather Punky Cuffs

Last night I came home to an Etsy order. Yay! Always excited, even after almost ten years. I guess it’s the fact that it’s a worldwide platform, despite the humongous amount of sellers still exclusive, but mainly most of my sales are international.

Before I even looked I sensed it was this:

Another leather punky cuff, listed two weeks ago that came from the same bag of my co-picker as the door handles.

Because earlier in January I listed these two, from the same lot and they flew out as well.

I priced them USD 5 each, not a lot but according to the average on Etsy. Maybe not so exciting but I keep in mind: I had them at a car boot sale once, nobody looked and I think a EUR 2 or so would have been my most daring price.

The orange cuff went to the US, the other two to separate buyers in the UK.

Selling trash on Etsy, making USD 15 out of nothing, I say YAY!

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