Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Loot Part III

Nothing of the delicate stuff from my big haul sold yet, and the IKEA floor lamp deal was canceled. But I made some good money on the more regular items.

The guy had a pretty luxury set of 12 person flatware by Justinus from Germany. But I guess he kept a few things to survive his past days or weeks. So he left me with 10 forks, 11 knives, 11 spoons, 11 coffee spoons and 12 cake forks. For the rest it was also complete. This sold four times more than my vintage Gero set years ago.

A rock stone mortar. I have one in wood that nobody ever reacted on. It’s waiting in a market box.

Ceiling lamp by Qazqa. It had a faint water stain, but the buyer didn’t mind.

And I’m not sure if this is just a statue or is intended as a book rest. Not to happy to ship plaster, but the buyer paid insurance.

In all EUR 73. That is almost half of all sales this month. April is my best month ever so far!

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