Tuesday, July 05, 2016

More Fun At The Markets

Half June we went back to the mall. It was a lovely half cloudy day so we were on the rooftop and it brought in even bigger crowds.

Here are some unsuccessfully listed curb finds that I got rid off.

Thick polka dotted party candles, from a suitcase across the street.

If I remember well this handbag came from the same haul. Brand new just not too attractive.

As well as these cheap Victory sneakers. Can you see the original price?

More thick candles, from the emigrant's posessions.

And from the same loot, ergonomic Joseph & Joseph strainer.

A four liter plastic jug, made in Mexico. Found across the street last September.

Last but not least a set of handmade Mediterranean candlesticks. I'm not sure about the origins but I'm thinking Greece. Not my taste but I do like the little deer and bird. Brought home by the Man in December.

My focus is totally on the outdoor sales now. I love to see the stuff going and hope to sell out this summer, so I can start listing new things in September. We already did two more car boot sales, hope to come back on it soon.

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RecycleCindy said...

Lots of cool finds that you were able to sell? I wasn't sure if you sold them all but you do manage to find great trash.