Wednesday, May 24, 2017

More From 2016 Part VI - The Blues King

I should really organize and pack for Sunday, our first car boot sale of the year. I hope to unload a bulk there, but first I want to unload a bit more from the 2016 list.

I kept this rusty old bucket in my yard for years. I still like it but it was in my way and in need to downsize you shouldn't be afraid to let go of your favourite stuff. Once listed it was gone quickly.

A low bar stool. For another teenage girl's bedroom.

A very slightly cracked bamboo cutting board. Still perfectly usable. They are inexpensive but popular. As often I was surprised someone paid shipping to get it home.

A Johnson Blues King mouth organ. From an expat who probably went home or moved on. He left loads of stuff in a box labeled 'free stuff all working'. Mostly tools that I kept for myself. I was already looking through them when he came down again and brought books, that were all about music and a lot of them sold for good prices already.

It took me eleven months to get rid of this pouf. It was brand new but perhaps black isn't popular for small furniture...

as proves this vintage end table that sat in my storage for about eight months.

Where a cute little garden table the same size was out in a day in the last warm week of the year.

I photographed this IKEA Spontan magazine rack the same day, using the table as a support as it happened be there. The rack also sold the next day, I'm wondering now if it was to the same person. Probably not, it would have stuck in my memory somehow.

These lamp shades were brand new, but I didn't expect to sell them fast. When I finally did the bid was twice as much as hoped for. If you look closely you can see they are adjustable for use on a foot or to hang from the ceiling.

A cute little embroidery. One of the last things I expected to sell on line. Didn't get much, but still better than flea market would have done.

It went back to the area where it was framed and most likely made.

The embroidery came along with these two mini wall hangings that I sold at the market last year. I think they were all bought in our local thrift shop before they were trashed.

Last picture today: here's the back side of the dry flower thing. Just for fun, I know I have a lot of Canadian readers.

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Cheapchick said...

Those last two items are definitely Canadian looking, lol, see them a lot at the thrift stores here.