Monday, March 24, 2008

My Teddy Bears

It all started with one giant teddy bear I found lying face down on the curb. The BF wined 'You don't need that', but I just couldn't leave it behind.

Now the BF even brings me bears and other stuffed animals when he sees one in the trash.

A while ago I found Teddy & Pencil's blog. Teddy and Pencil are two little bears who talk about their adventures and their concern about this world. When I wrote them I rescue abandoned bears they dedicated a post to it, which you can read here and where you'll also find some more pictures of my bears. Thank you so much, little bears!

Unfortunately not all stuffed toys are worth keeping, but that doesn't mean they have to be thrown away altogether.

I really wanted to save little Piglet here, even though after washing he still looked very used. But only then I noticed the ugly suction cups and decided he was going to be cut up.

Poor Piglet, but I needed his insides to make these cute felted pin cushions. These are another result of my use-up-all-my-old-wool project, which I talked about in my post about discarded knitwear. Now for sale in my Etsy shop.


cats-rockin-crochet said...

So there is more than one way to skin a piglet. Great idea. Cats.

teddy and pencil said...

Hi, Le Chat. Thanks for saving all the Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals. We bless you for your kindness! Oh, and thanks for mentioning about us ;-)
It was a pity you couldn't save Piglet..., but turning into a pin cushion was surely better than just being burnt or crushed!
Teddy and Pencil

trublue said...

Aww, poor piglet. I know how it is - I just disected one of my throw pillows so that I could use the stuffing for one of my projects.

NJTomboy said...

OMGosh - your adventures read like a book!

Thanks for the mention of /\ said above blog... I love that link as well.... I am adding you and them to my blog!



Anonymous said...

salut petit frère juste pour te faire savoir que je suis venu voir ton blog bises
la dude

Debbie said...

Hi Astrid....long time no see! I just found Teddy and Pencil too and it is such a cute blog. Love your pincushion, but poor little Piglet..and he had such a sweet smile!

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adrian2514 said...

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Elena said...

A nice little recreation - I'm sure piglet won't mind.
.... cute teddies :)