Thursday, April 03, 2008

Some Bicycle Accessories

I'm not always looking forward to getting up and out at 10 pm to go curb shopping. I'm not tired of it yet, but right now with spring in the air but the nice warm weather unwilling to come I really need BF's motivation to get me going. On top I need to reorganize my stuff before I go on adding to it, but the cold, rain and wind aren't a help for that either.

So after the BF's 'Come on, get some fresh air, the walk will do you good!' I sometimes just follow him pro forma thinking 'I'm NOT taking anything!', but then somehow I always do. It's easy to leave the big things for other people, but there's always the small handy items, like last week's box full of bicycle accessories.

There were a number of perfectly in order pump hoses, two brand new tire tubes and a load of elastic binders from which I chose these three for my own bike. They were the newest and nicest colours and already on my bike now, so no addition to the mess in my house. In fact they were just what I needed!


Bird said...

You go curb shopping! It's my favorite thing too! In London there are often wonderful things to find :) I am so happy to find your blog, mabe I will share some of my curb shopping finds too!

Le-Chat said...

Hey, cool! Browse around my links to find some more curb shoppers and dumpster divers around the world.