Sunday, August 05, 2012

False Hair Extensions

As I was looking for a way to display my hair accessories I dug up an old find: a thick bundle of cheap kinky false hair that the Surinam ladies in my country use for weave-ins.

It came to me in a loose braid that I redid more tightly tying it around the neck of my dress dummy.

Then turning it to the back did some experimenting yesterday.

But I wasn’t too happy with the all black background and the bottom plume where I clip the barrettes over a few strands of hair hung too low. Apart from the fact that the light in this part of my garden wasn’t cooperating.

I wanted to profit of the contrast of the white décolleté so today I tucked the top of the braid underneath the right shoulder of the jumper then swung it to the front on the other side.

Focusing on the left side of the doll, excluding her neck it just looks like she actually has a head with hair.

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Benzi Mock said...

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