Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One Castaway Old Cotton Sweater

One castaway old cotton sweater...

And a selection of the countless items I made from it:

And this is not all. Please note all these were sold and the photo's are very old.


Anonymous said...

all the offspring projects look wonderful!

how do you unravel the yarn so that you have continuous strands? how do you start so you can unwind?



Le-Chat said...

Hi Tess,

Here's a link to a tutorial:

tess said...

Thanks you!


Crafty Green Poet said...

wow! all from the one sweater, that's amazing! All the projects look great too!

Jane Koopman said...

That is awesome!! Well done. I'm crocheting a tank top out of an old cotton sweater right now, so it's exciting for me to see some of this inspiration. I love how you found uses for all the different colours.

Le-Chat said...

Hi Green Poet and Jane, thanks for visiting me back and leaving a comment!