Saturday, July 25, 2015

Seventies Stuff

Well, we have very bad weather alert so I’m staying inside. Looking through old photo’s that I hadn’t published yet I found this:

I picked it up because it’s in perfect condition and I liked the shape.  As you may know I like a touch of the Seventies here and there in my house, but that colour is somewhat overwhelming and doesn’t fit in my lounge. So it landed beside my bed as a night table.

Not sure if that’s what it was made for! With only one drawer it could be a wall telephone table too.

It was a bit in the way though, so I thought someone might just love it. It wouldn’t sell. After changing things around in my bedroom it’s back by my bed and now actually useful, but not catching the eye too much.

In the same file I found the old ceramic pot. I had it in my bathroom as a décor piece, but it was catching dirt too quickly. Didn’t do anything on line, even with the wineglasses offered for free. I took it to the pop-up indoor market project where on the very last day of the six month period it finally went.

I made more changes in my bathroom. Will write an update soon.


Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

It's hard to tell exactly how big that pretty purple table is, but it looks small. I'm wondering if it could become a stool. Could you add a padded top to it? Just a thought.

Le-Chat said...

If I ever decide on a make over that might be an idea. Thx. For now it's perfect where it is. It is the height of a night table and the little drawer holds what itr needs to hold.

Anonymous said...

That purple stool is from Ikea's children's collection. It's definitely not from the 70s. Maybe the 90s but more likely the 00s.

Le-Chat said...

Well, Anonymous, thx for clarifying that. I did my homework now and it is IKEA, it's from the Mammut kid's series and was designed in 1993. They still sell it today but the items are made of plastic and mine is heavy press wood and metal. Which probably makes it an early release and it could be as old as 1993.