Sunday, September 27, 2015

Old Iron

Talking about my trash picking neighbour last week I looked up some more of his gifts. Well these could have sure ended in the hands of the iron collectors who sell it for its weight, if he hadn’t rescued them.

It was a really pleasant surprise when I found this milk can in my front porch. If I had place I would have kept it. They make great vases for giant dry flower arrangements. Not surprisingly it sold quickly for a very nice price, even without the lid!

I also would have loved to keep this rusty old lamp. However I didn’t trust the strength of my prefab modern ceiling so finally last July I listed it. Usually items like this sell within two weeks, but as it didn’t I took it to the car boot sale in August. There I let it go at half price, but I was glad because it helped me make my day’s target and I didn’t have to drag the heavy thing home.

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