Friday, September 18, 2015

The Chair Lady Strikes Again

I’ve been following the big Ebay sellers blogs and they all complain about the slow season. Now I can’t compare because it’s since early August I started listing like crazy and it paid off, multiplying my usual peanuts revenue by five. September started off more or less the same, until a few days ago things seemed to have come to a halt. Then I had technical problems with Etsy, not being able to list anything…

I had started to write off my frustration here when emails and bids started to come in again and I sold two pairs of shoes and my xxxth set of chairs. I got so busy I had to leave the blog.

The morning after I dragged these in I regretted my enthusiasm a bit seeing the pretty bad state they were in. On top of the worn out upholstery one was a bit wobbly too. But the woodwork was still so lovely I hoped to find a new owner anyway, albeit at any price. Oh, hadn’t I promised myself not to bring in any more chairs? To my surprise they went after only five weeks.

Also to my surprise it was a to lady who said she loves DIY and things that look old and she bid three times the minimum I had in mind.  With that I’ve come to a daily average that’s even a bit above the one of August. It’s far from an income, but it does give hope. And Etsy was fine again this morning.

Talking chairs again I found an old one that didn’t make it to the blog yet. The fold up sort of fisherman’s stool was delivered to me by my trash picking neighbor. I listed it first in Fall 2012, my first active selling year but it had to wait till May 2013 to find a buyer. I had to look that up but I do remember it was a design student who bought the funny thing to study its construction.

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