Monday, September 14, 2015

Thrifted: Villeroy & Boch And Laurel Burch

I hardly ever buy to resell but here’s one exception.

I actually went to look for a teapot to design a cozy around, but all they had was an ugly thing priced 11 euro’s. Then to my surprise I saw the Villeroy & Boch coffeepot for only 2,50! Remembering we had the same shape pots when I was a little girl in the Sixties for tea and coffee in pale yellow and blue I couldn’t leave it. I’m not sure if mom had the filter top but possibly it remained in a cupboard - it was clumsy because you had to use a round piece of cotton cloth in it - after the handy paper filter bags with the plastic holders appeared.

Out of nostalgia I kept the set as a piece of décor for a long time. But in the end it got in my way so I listed it. To my disappointment the same brown Seventies pot was all over the place with the one exception that nobody else had the filter part. If only mine would have been one in those Sixties colours it would have been worth a lot more.

Still I managed to make a profit of nearly 10 euro’s. An elderly lady had broken her pot that she had used all her life and sent out her daughter to find the same model to replace it. For a not so collectible item I think it was the best I could do.

I did better on a pair of Laurel Burch earrings that my friend bought at 1 euro.  After finding out the designer is not among us anymore and her work is very sought after she gave them to me to list on Etsy. I did some research of my own first and found the cat earrings were doing around $35 on Ebay, but the exact same pair called ‘Siamese Cats’ was listed $50 on Etsy. So I put them up for $45.

Well, can you guess? Sold within eight hours! After taking off costs there was a bit over 30 euro’s left which my friend kindly split with me.

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