Thursday, December 24, 2015

My Recycled Christmas Tree

If you buy a small fir tree in a pot,  you can easily keep it outdoors through the year and use it again the next and possibly even a third Christmas.  Especially if you plant it over in a larger pot with fresh compost. But due to the initial root damage - even if planted over in full ground - they eventually have a limited life.

This is my little tree - that I found after Christmas in 2013 - in 2014. Unfortunately at repotting the Man cut off the lower branches a bit too rigorously, which didn’t help to keep its shape. But still I had a real live tree for free.

It’s now still alive, but during summer it lost a lot of needles on the inside. Dunging helped growing new branches so it still looks ok from a distance, but I haven’t put it in yet. Will decide after writing this post.

It was perfect for photographing my crochet decorations though.

I hope to find a new little firm one this year, then I will plant the old one somewhere to give it as many more years as possible.

Merry Christmas all!


RecycleCindy said...

I love your recycled Christmas tree. Enjoy the rest of your holiday season and have a very happy new year!

Le-Chat said...

Thank you Cindy and the same to you!