Monday, December 14, 2015

Horses: Sock Horse Or Stick Hobby Horse Craft Idea, A Horse Belt Buckle And Another Rocking Horse

I knew sock monkeys but I had never seen a sock horse on a stick! Though he’s not very pretty somehow I think he has a cute face, and when I looked for them on the web I found several tutorials, but none for a laughing horse. Actually I just love him because he's so ugly and almost totally hilarious, and made of a really old used sock! I don’t think there is much chance of selling my horsie, but I thank the Man for rescuing it and bringing it home and so I decided to show some detailed photo’s here so you can see how it’s made and then I’ll share the links I found for further help. I'm sure if copied in nicer colours and carefully made it will look fantastic.

Obviously the mouth is a sideways cut in the toe of the sock, then filled with woven fabric. I think you have to fold the oval shape, then sew in the tongue under the fold before you stitch it in the sock.

His long ears are a double layer of cloth in front and imitation leather at the back.

And don’t you love his eyes? Big buttons and half circles of fabric sewed on in a curve for the lids.

Here’s one more from the front angle.

Have a look at Chickabugs blog for a very easy to make version.

The CountryChic Cottage has an equally simple one but with a bit more details.

I'm only a bit sad it looks like they used new socks... Not my kind of upcycling.

Apart from that finally one by Madmin that does have an open mouth, but it's a fabric cut pattern, yet it may help you to put it in.

Oh, and please remember, if you don’t have any poly fill at hand look if you have used up pillow inserts or plush toys beyond cleaning or repair. Their insides can be washed and reused! 

This is a horse head belt buckle my friend picked up in her part of town. I listed it on Etsy but it just expired. I really thought it would go, though there are many horse belt buckles on offer I didn’t see any this shape.

I’m going to list this locally now, but if anyone is interested let me know!

Last summer when she came by my place, at the door my friend pointed out there was something that might be interesting at the dump across the street. Indeed it was a neatly unscrewed rocking horse, the parts tied together and the screws stuck on in a plastic bag.

In broad daylight on a non-trash day it obviously wanted to be found!

I listed it but it didn’t go. At least not in the short time before the last two car boot sales we had in August. I sold it at the second one under my price, but I was glad it went that quickly to a new child.


tess said...

funny face on the hobbystick, hope another child will love, if not, can be a yard decoration?

Le-Chat said...

When market season starts again next yaer I'll take him along. Possibly another crafter may fall for him and take him as an example. Until then he's a fun accent in my lounge.

Nancy said...

I love the little rocking horse!