Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sports Equipment

I wasn’t too thrilled when I saw this squash racket sticking out of a box across the street. I’ve sold old tennis rackets of iffy quality on markets but with difficulty, I ended up donating one remaining to the free pick-up center and I gave away another squash racket to a kid.

But this one looked good enough to go on line and having the protecting case was a plus.

After all last year I sold these old golf clubs to a student, so it was worth trying.

It took almost three months but a few days ago I had a serious bid, twice as much as I had hoped for and the guy came within the hour. Then at the door proudly showing his packed bag he told me he was actually on his way to the squash training center.

I the meantime around the corner I had found these Yeti-sized (US 12,5) snowboarding boots. Looking at the Salomon website I realized they must be a pretty old model, the new ones all looking less chunky and of lighter weight.  First bid wasn’t great, came quickly but it was withdrawn. Soon a second even lower came, but I decided to take it if he was serious. He showed up the next day. What a fruitcake I had at my door! Came on his bicycle from out of town in the pouring rain. Though he had a rain suit on, water had dripped in his rubber boots and his socks were soaked. He took his time taking off the Wellingtons to fit the new boots. Then as he slowly started tying them up I realized he was going to keep them on. Well not a bad idea after all. But he wasn’t gone yet. As he started walking up and down on the sidewalk he told me the boots were for walks in the snow.

But really, I was pleased to know that somebody had a good use for the shoes, as I didn’t expect to sell them to a real freestyler. And the amount of money that came in that day was still substantial enough.

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