Sunday, March 06, 2016

Clearing Up

Sold yesterday after less than a week. Found at least a year ago across the street. Brand new. So I wanted to keep it. When last week I finally set about to use it for a cute print I found, I discovered I still had this old IKEA frame the exact same size but in poorer condition, and used that instead. The new frame made me double the amount I could have asked for the old one.

Equally following the rule ‘if you haven’t used it…’ last December I listed this percussion instrument the Man had brought home many years ago. It’s called a rainmaker and if you hadn’t seen one before, it’s filled with grit and imitates the sound of the rain as pegs in the side slow down the falling. We kept it as d├ęcor, but it ended up in a corner in his flat. I gave someone a great deal, but I was glad it went.

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