Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Shoe Sales And Some Cleaning Tips

The Man brought these in December I think. Clog sandals are timeless, unfortunately there were some stain issues. I’ve washed complete suede bags to fresh them up, but stains never go out. Early January I just listed them without any treatment for cheap to see what would happen. Actually I expected they’d have to wait for the next flea market, but they were ordered yesterday. Shipping paid on top, and she thought it was a great deal.

Nikes and other sneakers are easy to clean. I simply bathe them in lukewarm water with a drop of soap, give the sole a good scrub and sponge the top. Leave to soak a bit to fresh up the insides as well and rinse shortly. Drain them upside down on a laundry rack, then leave to dry in the sun or a mild heat source. They always come out looking almost brand new.

Found together with other shoes a couple of streets down next to the glass recycling dumpster. Took only ten days to lose them.

Same treatment for this pair. Came from the October suitcase. They had no laces, but I took them from a broken pair out of the same lot. Sold in three days.

More from the same find: ballerinas for a teenager’s Christmas outfit. Cheap H&M, but almost new.

My best ‘garbage’ shoe find so far. Found in a plastic tote bag placed by the new textile recycling dumpster on my favourite stretch of curb. The receptacle was still locked for the year change, to prevent fireworks getting thrown in. Ok, the owner had intended to donate them, but she just left them there.

They are from a high fashion shop, now bankrupt, in our local high society shopping area. Sold within a week and the bid was according to their origin.

I gave this little girl’s pair brand new shoelaces on top of the washing. A simple trick to make used shoes look more attractive. From the same pile as the pink Nikes.

I’ve found brand new shoelaces in bags of clothing and also in empty shoe boxes. I always look inside, if I don’t take the complete box anyway. They are great for shipping.

The polka dots went together last month with a pair of Pull and Bears from the October suitcase. They were near new and good enough to list as is.

To end, Chuck Taylors that were waiting for me lonely beside the dumpster at the far end of my street. You can even wash these in the machine if they are very mucky, but this pair was ok after the quick rinse.

Shoes make great sales items. With prices varying from EUR 2-20, including the snow boots I made 61,50 since August from the garbage alone. Now if I add those from the free pick-up center… but that’s another story.

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