Friday, March 11, 2016


The bookselling service I use has not been doing very well since 2011. Before that I made EUR 30-40 a month. Too much competition from professionals especially on bestsellers. Only scientific books and otherwise unusual titles had a chance and I couldn’t get enough of those.

In January they expanded shipping discounts. It also seems the competition is less murdering. I don’t know if it’s the coming out of the crisis or that the site has put up restrictions, but I was finally able to even list some bestsellers at a profit.

Sold two books at once yesterday. One older more interesting listing from 2014 and this one I had picked up with some more Dutch popular books in November. The only way then seemed to list it at the auction site. It was a useless effort too! When I looked again last month I noticed the changes and put up at least twenty titles from recent stock. Some with very little profit, but I like how easy and effortless it works. Just type in number, describe condition and set price. Once ordered that’s that. No hassle with bidders or potential buyers who change their minds. Smart wrapping in all sorts of free paper saves any extra costs.

I still have to go through old stock that I delisted after 2011.

When I’m really lucky the buyer is from town and nearby enough to deliver in person if it’s letterbox deliverable. Then I can keep the shipping money in my pocket!

The last time that happened was September last year. It wasn’t far but it brought me outside my own area. I had noticed some trash bags already and on the way back I kept my eyes wide open. I came home with vintage chrome coffee table legs. Not in great condition, a bit rusty but after a test I knew at leat the paint stains came off with ammonia. Sold quickly in three weeks or so.

I must go back there when temperatures go milder. They don’t have the underground dumpsters yet.

I had a pretty good day yesterday with three more sales, but I have to stop now.

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