Sunday, January 22, 2017


I found this sled last year January at a fair distance from the house, so it was a bit of a hassle getting it home on my bike, but I managed and I thought it was a pretty good pick. But then the thing just didn’t sell. It wasn’t snowing or freezing here, but wasn’t anybody planning on a skiing holiday abroad anymore? I looked for my competition and found lots of sleds for sale, but all in rural areas, not around Amsterdam.

I waited for October to relist it and then it went quickly. Not the head prize of course but I was glad it was out. And I think it was for a skiing holiday. Right now Holland is slowly freezing over for the first time in years and shallow waters have thick enough ice already. I wonder if I should have postponed my relisting even longer to get more out of it, but I don’t regret my sale; the weather is unpredictable after all. Now if we can get some snow I like the thought that the child it was bought for can play with the sled at home too.

I’m just looking through my old photo’s now and shortly after the sled this comes up. I’m only showing this simple crude basket because there’s something time related to say about it as well. Found across the street it was an easy pick and though not worth a lot I couldn’t leave it.

It was previously used as a planter, sewing thread that held the plastic lining in place was still visible on top. Listing at only EUR 2 I thought it would sell soon enough. There's always somebody who needs a basket. But I had to relist it over and over again. I had at least seven inquiries about it, but none came to a sale.

Finally when December neared I threw in the keyword ‘St. Nicholas gift basket’. When celebrated in the traditional way, on our national gift-giving day December 5 the family sits in a circle around the packets presented in a large container and a basket is perfect for that. I guess it worked as I sold it a week later, just days before the party.


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