Saturday, January 28, 2017

My Sewing Box

The Man brought this home for me around the millennium change, after I had announced that I was going to work less and craft more. Found somewhere along his route to a shop. I remember seeing the square fold-out boxes in the Seventies, but we never had one at home. I think my mom hated them. I have to say I agree, but those were possibly copies and this one is almost antique and I did like the legs. They are in the same style as my vintage dresser.

I sold the thing in 2015. I knit and crochet more than I sew and it got in my way. The contents easily fit in a drawer. It hurt a bit to sell a gift that at the time meant to say he accepted the change to living with less money, but I haven’t missed the object once. I’ve got so many pretty curb finds to keep!


svelteSTUFF said...

It was a BEAUTY! Definitely better than the tacky ones that flooded the market in our (well, mine. 1970-80's) youth! Parting can be sweet sorrow, but oh-so-necessary!!
Be Well!!

tess said...

Someone must be loving it, very useful shallow drawers, all those tiny notions on the ready.
I feel very guilty giving away presents. One time my mother regifted a sweater that inadvertently completed a circuit to the original giver, oopsie.