Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Box

Sometimes things just happen in the right order. Late December 2015 I spotted a huge shiny box with colourful pan pictures on it across the street. Usually such new product containers just hold plastic and other packaging. I was actually hoping for bubble wrap but found the complete old set of pans of the buyers.

They looked quite used but in good enough condition for a quick sale. I liked the belly shape but not the gold plating, but I thought that might appeal to the North Africans. The set was picked up a week later by a young couple of that origin.

In the meantime my co-picker had produced a wooden trunk. Lined in purple it made me think of a thing for a magician’s act. It could be also great for toys. I listed it with all such keywords in and it also sold very quickly, but had to be shipped. Then I was so glad I still had that big pan set box. The trunk just fit in!

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Cheapchick said...

I love that trunk. Funny how people just cast off things like that