Friday, May 12, 2017

More From 2016 Part I - J. Lumb

I've got such a backlog in things to show, I thought I'd better just start somewhere and stop when I get tired.

These are all things I found in the vicinity of my home. Following my administration shown here more or less in order of sales date, regardless of value or interest. So this post will contain some duller and some nicer objects.

Simple handmade coat rack. Picked up for a few coins. Fine with me, an earlier potential buyer wanted me to unscrew the hooks and ship them. No thanks!

I love this old toolbox that was one of my favourite finds of the year. Sold quickly and the sale made my day.

An old mini medicine cabinet. It needed some work but it went faster than I expected, after about six weeks.

Ikea rose print pillow. Ikea is hot, but sometimes not? Well in my memory it took ages to sell this, but looking back at administration this is not true. Found October 2015, sold February 2016. It went to a teenager girls’room.

Cute little mirror, but a cheaply made item. Definitely not vintage. Out after just ten days as a display to a lady who sells jewelry at markets.

A set of balcony plant boxes. You can simply hang them over the balustrade. The fun was that I found the two large ones plus the one other across the street, then the next morning the other round one around the corner with the exact same dry plant leftovers still in it. I suppose someone wanted to take it and changed his mind. Having the complete set made it worthwile listing and although they are available anywhere for affordable prices I sold them after about three weeks.

A versatile piece of fold-up furniture that you can sit on or use as a side table. With a handy transport grip on top. I thought it was pretty cool and it reminds me of the wooden stools in my aunt’s house that had a grip hole in the middle. The buyers did not so, it took months and finally sold for peanuts, but I was still glad I rescued the thing. Other pickers might have just taken it for the iron.

Here's another item you may think of who sells that on line? Well I do. Yes I know, go to the thrift shop and you have a choice, but people come to my door for it.

It gets a little bit more interesting. One of the luxury objects from my emigrated neighbour. See March last year. I made a good deal of money on it, but I didn’t show this stump candle holder before. At the time still available in the shop, but not in this colour. Got about a third from what’s marked on the bottom. Not bad for second hand.

A regular café terrace table brought in by the Man. Not pretty, fairly inexpensive wholesale, but sturdy and weather proof. I was sure to sell it quickly and it was out again within two days.

Last but not least:

Most likely mid-century piece of glass from Castleford, Yorkshire, England. The bottom markings said 'J. Lumb', but were barely visible and I only looked it up after a potential buyer informed about it. Although the bottles are not extremely sought after or valuable, apparently there are some collectioners for them. I was really glad the man wanted it, because I would not have had any clue.

To be continued soon!


Cheapchick said...

Another great finds post! It sure doesn't hurt to make some money on the side doing this but even better, things were not put in the trash!

Le-Chat said...

Sure it's triple win in my point of view. Things rescued, some fairly valuable but also stuff for people with very low incomes and some cash for me.