Friday, May 19, 2017

More From 2016 Part IV - Peugeot GL 10 Moped

I found a large amount of IKEA Rondo crockery a long time before I finally listed it last year because I thought to replace my mismatch with it. I ended up not using it because I kept reaching for the few old things that I held on to for everyday use.

First the coffee cups went out. I had set them apart anyway because I prefer mugs.

For some reason I let the big heavy plates take place in my cupboard for another four months. Then when I finally listed them they were sold in a day. I'd love to find more of this as the money was great too. IKEA doesn't sell this anymore but the line is still very sought-after.

Nothing special here but the litter box, especially designed for kittens was brand new and I knew by then that no plastic object is too cheap to sell even cheaper on line.

It took a while to find a buyer for this, but large poster frames somehow always go. Even with a cracked back board.

My second IKEA Moppe. This one is a bit more worn out than the first, but someone wanted it anyway.

A cute little leather bag by Zara in mint condition. The new owner paid me a very decent price.

Brand new but cheaply made XL trolley suitcase. I gave the buyer a really good deal but I was glad the big thing was out of my house within two days.

A totally busted 1975 Peugeot GL 10 moped. Dragged home by the Man. Lots of hassle with high bidders who didn't read my ad carefully. Yes they are worth a lot when in working or fixable condition. This one was just for parts. But after all it only took a week to find someone who saw the actual value of the heap of rust.

I found a chic lady who was absolutely thrilled with the Rosenthal dish from the big loot of March last year.

It took almost a year to sell this rusty set. I should have listed it when I still had the table top, even though it was cracked. I waited too long, wind blew it over, broke in three pieces.

Music fans are ready to pay for stuff about their idols. I was sure to get a good price for the book that had almost ended inside the paper recycling dumpster. Luckily it was filled to the brim and I could pull it out of the opening along with some others.

No problems selling perfectly usable garden furniture. This wooden chair just had a paint stain on it and it went out after ten days. Though I've currently stopped taking regular chairs in due to lack of storage space I never leave a fold up.

I'm somewhere halfway through the year now, so I hope to be done with around four more posts this size.


Cheapchick said...

Great save on the wooden items, you can always paint them. Do you ever upcycle any of your finds before you sell them?

Le-Chat said...

Well not until recently, I just re-spray painted a wicker lamp shade that was done in a horrible fluo orange and now I'm actually working on a serving tray that was dull, crude and water stained.