Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Planters and Plant Boxes

My tulips were in full bloom last week so a good reason to show my curb found planters and plant boxes, since I potted some bulbs and that looks really nice.

When I see people coming out of shops with brand new planters I can't help feeling a bit pity. Don't they know? There's no need to buy any! Planters are probably THE most often trashed items in the world and nine out of ten are in good condition. So here are some I rescued.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple plastic round pots to the rectangular balcony or window plant boxes, from pretty terra cotta ones to the decorative indoor cover pots. I now only take them when they are too pretty too leave or when I really need some. Last summer I found so many I haven't used half of them yet. If I would take them all I could fill a shop, really.

This is just so cute. It's handmade in Italy. It has a crack, but I don't care.
This rectangular plant box came including the hang-up hooks.

Remember my phloxes?

This is what I potted them in.
My neighbour left this huge pot behind after she moved, but I know she didn't buy it in a shop.

With a little patience you can even collect a series of matching pots.

Nothing growing yet, but I sowed beans in here. The picture isn't very clear, but if you watch carefully you can see that's little ducks on the framework.

Apart from the tulips, almost needless to say all the plants showed themselves were curb found or otherwise for free. If you want you can read more about that when you select all my garden and plants posts here.


Jenn Thorson said...

Wow, you're going to have a great little garden ahead of you (love the tulips!). And such a nice array of planters, too.

svelteSTUFF said...

YEH!! Glad to hear than I'm not the only one that gladly takes in 'Wayward' plants 8-)

GOOD IDEA on checking out the florist/greenhouse discards! We have two within our nightly walking route that I will start scanning more closely!

Barbra said...

I have several plants in old pots and watering cans also.Pays to save!

Le-Chat said...

Tip, svelteSTUFF, check their vacation messages. That is if they close the shop for it. Sure on the trash night before they leave they put a lot out.

That Girl Ang said...

Those ARE really nice!

Deb said...

Hi Astrid.....love all the pics of your pots and flowers. I'm always looking for something "different" to pot flowers in...one of my favorites is an old enamel "pottie" that I have an airplane plant growing in...LOL I thought of you last week when we had our city-wide junk pickup....it is always fun to drive around and see what people put out. I picked up a very shabby pale pink dresser drawer....no dresser to be found, but I wanted the drawer to store my wallpaper border in my workroom. Hope all is well with you!


Anonymous said...

Oh this is lovely! I'm so glad I found your blog. The plants in my windowbox and gardens are almost all ones that a council gardener friend rescued. When the local flowerbeds are changed, often the "old" flowers are as good as new. My friend who has the job of changing them keeps the old ones and gives as many as she can to all her friends. We have the loveliest geraniums, all from her. I hope your plants and flowers do well this year!

Le-Chat said...

Thanks Bird, I'm glad you found ME! Love that story of your plant saving friend. Do send her my respect! Isn't it crazy they have to replace long lasting plants like geraniums for new ones?

Anonymous said...

You're a person after my own heart because I'm all for picking up used stuff, esp. planters that people discard. Just spent the weekend planting in pots that I spruced up by adding a dab of paint. Have a great summer.

Le-Chat said...

Thanks, Plantbuddy. To answer your shoutbox question: we just rescued a huge plant, nothing wrong with it, totally healthy and shiny. But probably got to large for the previous owners as well. Won't fit in my apartment either, so we placed it on the shed roof (just don't know what we're gonna do with it when winter comes, it won't survive outside). Happens to be the cat's favourite lounging place. Now it looks like they're having a holiday on a palmed beach... Only thing missing is the sand!

Cami said...

I've been "acquiring" pots and containers on the cheap in my junking trips for my future potting shed! Love to find the really great stuff for pennies.

Cheryl Patterson said...

You're a person after my own heart! We have lots of nice plants and containers that were discarded, mostly by neighbors. I hate to see a good plant go to waste!