Friday, February 26, 2010

Toy Trucks

These simple wooden toys were made by hand in a learning workshop. That’s what the sticker underneath tells me. They look quite used, so one little boy probably must have loved to play a lot with them. Yet then his parents threw them out heartlessly when he grew too old for them.

As always it is beyond my understanding. Despite the scratches and dents in the wood they are not broken and I found them ready to use for another child on the curb. Such an honest, safe, non-chemical and plastic free toy can only be found in specialized shops these days and probably at a price. Now mine may be a bit rougher than those professionally made but still I couldn’t leave them to go to waste. They waited a couple of years in my storage because I didn’t know anybody with little boys at the time.

Recently I met a lady – my current crochet student - who does have one and on top works with the 4-6 year old group in a school. After last week’s session I sent her home with some rescued children’s books I suddenly remembered my two wooden trucks. And was reminded again this morning when I had to dig up the cat carrier for a visit to the vet’s with one of my furry ones.
Suzanne was very pleased with her welcoming present this afternoon. And if her son outgrows the trucks she can donate them to her school’s toy corner where they will probably last for many years to come.

I do believe my student is getting more than her worth’s money for her class and I hope she thinks so too, but I like it and I can’t think of a more rewarding destination for my toy rescues.
It made me feel very happy today, despite the bad news that my cat is going to have to undergo very costly surgery which I can barely afford.

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Friday, February 05, 2010

The BF's Easy Chair

Meet our good friend Ed once more, here comfortably seated in our visitor’s faux suede easy chair in the BF’s apartment. We found it right in front of our door in mint condition without even the tiniest speck on it. There was one more plus the matching couch, be we didn’t have place for more and of course we were not going to replace our fantastic Alberto Nieri couch.

That pretty glass Ed is drinking his beer from came in a set of four still in the box. Though the leafy decoration seems a bit unfit they just happen to be the same form and size you can get your beer in in bars around here, so that’s what we use them for.

I didn’t check but I’m sure before the morning someone took the other chair and the couch. I only feel a little bit guilty about not leaving them the complete set, but we really had one very ugly used up armchair to replace.

Now I can’t help but also show Ed cuddling Pepe. I’m not so sure if Pepe is feeling as happy as Ed obviously does, but that cat is such a darling, he just lets it happen. And that chair of course is his favourite sleeping place when there are no visitors.

Note the table was a throw-out from the gym behind our house. It was in mint condition as well, only the BF made scratches on it and wound the rope (all from thrown-out cat playing furniture) around the leg for the entertainment of his furry baby.

At the end of a nice evening, finding out Ed has an interest in the Nordic countries, we sent him home with a beautiful picture book with Icelandic sceneries that I found together with some cooking books that I already sold.