Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Yarn Stash

Take a look at my new yarn stash. These four handcrafted trashed garments will at least last me through summer, as I have enough leftovers in my drawers and some older curb finds yet to unravel.

For the moment I'm still busy finishing up my vintage wool making felted baskets and bowls.


Doris Sturm said...

Nice to hear from you again - what busy girl you're going to be, unravelling all those items. I love that basket with the flower. I almost thought it was an upside down hat. It looks so pretty :-)

Have a wonderful week,
Doris :-)

Alice said...

wow! that felted bowl is stunning! you are so talented!

Jennifer said...

maybe I should send you my old sweaters?? People in my area are so "wasteful" when it comes to constantly buying new clothes that our local thrift stores turn you away when you show up with donations, they can't get rid of the stuff they already have!!

As for getting great stuff from the trash, this week alone I pulled a wrought iron plant stand, a vintage cottage style bar stool, an Ethan Allen 1970's corner shelf unit, and a knick knack shelf, beautiful solid wood, great shape all except maybe the plant stand needed a coat of paint. And I just heard a rumor that they are going to make it illegal to trash pick in my town. Imagine that.