Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gearing Up For The Craft Fairs Again

Booked for two craft fairs in June market season is starting again for me. Time to dig up my gear.

A cashbox was something I had long wished for, and was surprised last September the curbs provided me with one. It shows patience does pay off.
To wrap my larger items prettily and practically I have these carrier boxes with simply my own ‘card’ (it’s a piece cut out of my old flyer) stuck over the original shop’s logo to personalize them. Some are used and some are brand new.
I also have shiny sacks from cosmetic stores and such.

And of course for the smaller and cheaper stuff I still have some of my lunch bags and my homemade sacks.

Now help me hope for sales so these goods will all be put to use before they finally will be trashed once more, but hopefully end up in the recycling plant.

For Dutch readers you will find me here: on June 5th
and here: on June 6th.

PS: Sorry about the slightly changed layout, but Blogger has a new publisher and somehow I can't get the pictures positioned on the left without this space they get now. If I try that the text gets wrapped around and that would look even more different.

1 comment:

Doris Sturm said...

Oh, that's a great cash box. I need one of those - don't do much curb shopping as there is no opportunity here where I live (too scared to look in the trash, really!)

I'm glad you're recycling those bags and boxes and putting them to good use. Good luck and I wish you lots and lots of sales.

Have a wonderful weekend :-)