Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2011!

Recently I found a thicker than usual synthetic comforter, or duvet for UK readers, just across the street (including a pretty set of covers!). As it’s an extra (I’ve found a pile already) and doesn’t fit in my washer (the standard ones usually do) I gave it to the cats for the time being until I find time or a reason to bring it to a shop. It’s in perfect condition and unstained though.
Oscar and C├ęzar were overjoyed when I showed it to them look here how happily they are sleeping on it!
Aren’t they cute? I wish my own two brothers were like these two. I have to admit due to an ongoing conflict between them my year’s end wasn’t so great. This also is why I still haven’t been updating this blog for a while, just too much stuff going on in my head. All the more I realize how important warmth and affection from your own blood or those you consider as close as that are.
So here and today I want to wish my readers lots of that for 2011, and – instead of buying useless new presents – just give that back as well! For me a compliment, a hug or a word of understanding from them means more than anything money could buy.