Sunday, June 12, 2011


Seeing my work and helping me to sell at the markets has finally inspired my friend and co-worker Natasja to get creative too. Actually being trained as a seamstress fabric seemed the most logic choice for her, except after graduating she hated clothes sewing so badly she has only worked in administration since. But now she has found joy and satisfaction in making tiny flower projects and other small things.
These bobby pins are some of her first try-outs. Not by her own design yet but that may come sooner or later too. Instead of going on spending tons of money in fabric shops I told her to wait for what might come out of my vast number of boxes with all sorts of materials.
First offer was the cut out back side of a silk blouse that a lady had just given to me. Here’s the resulting brooch with a vintage button of Natasja’s grandmother. I love that shine!

Going through my stock I found things I had forgotten I have or where they come from. Leftovers from mum or giveaways from friends, I don't know, but this selection here I’m sure I actually took straight from the curbs. Another good rescue that will soon find its way to the loving hands of a newfound creationista.