Monday, June 25, 2012

My Antique Stereo

Real Music lovers my laugh good and hard at my old Akai tower. But hey, I got it for free and it serves my needs. Ten years ago when I picked it up it just came in time to replace my even older system that still consisted of all the separate components and that had all except the loudspeakers broken down.

Okay the cd player of this one doesn’t work either and I’m not too sure about the tape deck. But hooked up to my still fantastic IMF speakers and my computer I can play cd’s and have great sound on anything else I listen or watch online.

The radio tuner works fine as well and look at my latest addition on top! A turntable? Yes indeed, just found it in the trash a couple of days ago and I’m so happy now occasionally I can play an old record again. And by the way haven’t you heard the LP is coming back? Some people just don’t like the sterile digital sound and I’ve even heard of a famous orchestra recently releasing a recording on vinyl.