Saturday, December 22, 2012

Roy Liechtenstein

Knowing I sell trash, a couple of weeks ago my neighbour Freek came by to bring me these three Roy Liechtenstein poster prints stuck on heavy boards that he had just picked up minutes before. Thought they’d be perfect to try to sell on Marktplaats, my local auction site. It took a little while, then I had two reactions on one day! Closed the deal with the bidder who could come quickest and seemed the most excited about the pictures. She needed them as a present the very next day.

It’s funny you never know who will show up at your door, but at least you’d expect that they come prepared for transporting their purchase. Not this young girl. She had to carry the heavy things in her arms and travel by bus and train with them! As she was a sweet thing I felt a bit guilty after seeing her walking off struggling so I emailed her later on to ask if she had come home safe. Which she did luckily, and I guess she didn’t expect to hear from me, but she did appreciate that very much.

Got the idea because a few weeks before that I sold this one meter high poster frame to an absolute darling of a young lady who came on an old bicycle with a damaged pedal! I was really worried how she was going to pull off riding while holding the thing in one hand, but she assured me she’d be all right. Though the trip wasn’t too long I was very glad half an hour later she texted me all was well. How sweet! She needed to frame a large piece of art from her best friend and was overjoyed to have found something at a fair price.

I love selling trash. It’s more than making a bit of money or even rescuing goods. I make people happy!