Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Hallway

My hallway is a pretty useless space as it measures only one by two meters. Too narrow to even hang up a coat rack as you would rub against the coats all the time while passing.

So it took ages before I did anything about it. This photo that I took when I wrote about my transportation helper is from 2007, two years after the renovation of my flat. 

Then finally in 2010 I found a brand new leftover piece of carpet to replace the old soiled one. So I started looking for paint and found I still had this yellow. I never used it because it’s too strong a colour for my lounge and kitchen, but now decided it was perfect to brighten up my dull entrance. And even though trashed years before and stored outside in my yard it was still in great condition.

Then recently, the just narrow enough chest of drawers, now storing my shoes, was waiting for me late at night at the dump across the street. And done! Only still a bit barren, but the room is too dark for plants and anything placed on top of the chest might be knocked off as well. Usually just piles of junk mail end up on top of it.

So now to finish up this post I thought let's see what we can do and dug up these old finds and voila. The old vase can break and the plastic flowers won’t  wither. Some day the chest may get a paint job to cover the white stains.